Project Management

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Once the Wayfinding Strategy has been agreed and all the installation schedules completed there is still a lot to be done before the work is finished.

Wayfinder Associates provide a range of comprehensive options to assist you to completion.

Working as your advocate, within the constraints of the budget, managing and controlling suppliers, our project management services are designed to ensure you receive exactly what you intended, delivered on time and at the best value for money.

It is at this crucial stage that the success of the strategy is most at risk. It is vital all design guidelines and product specifications are followed correctly if the solution is to perform as intended.

Our specialist skills along with experience gained during the Wayfinding element of the project mean no one is better placed to plan and run the tendering and installation program.


We take care to ensure all work is carried out with the minimum of impact to your organisation.

As well as managing your external suppliers we will communicate with your staff and internal stakeholders to make sure that all in-house elements of the project, including revised letter templates, equipment, reprographics and training are co-ordinated and meet the deadline for delivery.

Materials Specification

Following completion of the consultancy stages, the Signage and Information Schedule must now be translated into suitable materials.

Purchasing the right materials ensures longevity and helps to avoid reasons for unnecessary and costly replacement. We will support you in identifying suitable products and produce a comprehensive and detailed tender specification for prospective installers.

We offer help and support with important decisions including materials options based on strict criteria, to include cost, aesthetics, flexibility, durability and on-going management and maintenance costs.  By adopting this approach nothing will be left to chance and our clients receive exactly what they want, rather than being forced  to accept their chosen supplier’s interpretation of it.

It is important that all aspects of the material specification are clearly identified prior to the tender release, so prospective suppliers are fully aware of exactly what is required of them down to the finest detail.

A clear specification will remove any opportunity for the kind of misunderstanding or misinterpretations known to compromise the end result. It will also provide the basis for all the quality control checks carried out during installation and allow the installer no room for compromise.

Tender Management

Using our detailed knowledge of the UK sign industry, we provide technical assistance to help you interpret tender submissions accurately and assist in the interview and evaluation process.

Once a preferred supplier has been nominated by the trust, Wayfinder Associates will contact them to complete the assessment. If necessary this will include a factory visit, where we will assess their capabilities to make sure they reflect those stated in their tender submission.

Prior to commencement of work on site the successful supplier will have a clear understanding of the attention to detail required so they will be no doubt as to the standard of work expected.  

Confirmation and Approval

Once appointed, Wayfinder Associates will liaise with the successful supplier to finalise a schedule of work in line with the tender and agreeing time-scales for the manufacture and installation phase, to which the supplier will be required to work.

At the same time we will work with the supplier to make sure their on-site needs are met in the best way, so they can work as efficiently as possible.  

Our experience helps us anticipate the unexpected so work on site can be carried out unhindered and if the unforeseen should arise, our experience will allow us to plot the most effective course around it.  

Prior to manufacture, we will review all the design proofs to make sure the design, layout, format and construction of all the signs is exactly to specification, so there can be no dispute. 

On Site Supervision

As part of the tender process a comprehensive set of location drawings showing the exact location of each individual sign will have been passed out to the installer.

However, as wayfinders, we know how placing a sign in a slightly different location to where it is intended can send out a completely different message and this must be avoided.

Prior to the commencement of work on site, we will be on hand to identify the exact location, position and orientation of every sign on site, so there can be no doubt.

As project managers we will be on site to check the quality and method of installation and to pass all signs and methods of fixing before they can be accepted. Our presence will serve to ensure without exception that all work is carried out to the highest standard and fully to the agreed specification, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Developing technology that serves a purpose.

At Wayfinder Associates, we approach technology from a different direction and our primary concern is the benefit it will deliver to our client.

There are many important factors to consider before a decision is made. As wayfinding consultants, we are here to help you with that decision and advise you on the direction to take for the greatest benefit.