Wayfinder Technology

Developing technology that serves a purpose.

Our consultants have worked with or advised in the development of some of the most advanced wayfinding technology solutions available and have helped our clients choose or develop solutions that are right for them.

The wayfinding technology market is a very confusing place where the marketing used to promote the products often holds more substance than the products themselves.  The options appear tempting and varied but when you dig deeper, you find many are based on little more than static images and floor plans uploaded to a mobile device. Some require the user to have a basic understanding of the environment, while others are complex and do not appreciate the limitations of human spatial awareness.

Our technology

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Often the technology behind the concept is good but the all-important user interface falls short, delivering a solution that is less than successful.

In our role as consultants we work with many clients who have invested heavily in wayfinding technology only to find it has been a less than beneficial decision.

At Wayfinder Associates, we approach technology from a different direction and our primary concern is the benefit it will deliver to our client.

There are many important factors to consider before a decision is made. As wayfinding consultants and we are here to help you with that decision and advise you on the direction to take for the greatest benefit.

However, many of our clients are looking to embrace technology as part of a considered holistic solution. If your interest is born out of a genuine desire to improve your offering by maximising the experience for your visitors, then we can help.

Before you look at solutions, it is important to understand the problems and what you are looking to achieve.

Drivers and Suitability

Define exactly what you are looking to achieve and why?
Understand current issues, how they could be improved and the benefits it would bring?
Consider current static sign provision, other technology and how everything could work together?
Understand how your organisation operates and where the conflicts may lie?
Explore all possible opportunities and get the best from what you have?

We fit the Solution to the Environment

When you understand what it is you are trying to achieve its time to look for the solution.

As wayfinders we know that every environment is unique and poses its own challenges for both their users and those who operate them.

As such there is no off the shelf package to meet your need. We also know that bespoke solutions are often cost prohibitive.  As such experience tells us they are often passed over in favour of more cost effective options that turn out to be far from value for money.

The Wayfinder Solution

At Wayfinder Associates we have taken a different approach.

Driven by a motivation to solve problems rather than to sell product, we have teamed up with strategic partners from the world of Technology and software development to offer a unique solution suited to your own requirements.

Built off a powerful platform it enables tailored elements to be brought together, without the need to engineer a bespoke solution.

Ease of installation

Using unique location software, the navigation element of the solution is supported by an onsite installation of Bluetooth beacons which can be retrospectively fitted to any environment including listed buildings, with ease.

There is no need for wiring as the individual beacons have an internal power supply designed to last for seven years under full usage.

User Friendly

The solution is delivered through a power user friendly app.

Designed with the operator in mind it considers the thought processes experienced by the user as they operate it breaking down the tasks and organising the information in an intuitive way.

Personalised functionality

Extra features can be included on the app to satisfy individual needs

In addition to the core functionality, our solution allows for a number of different elements to be included on the app to satisfy individual need, providing opportunities no matter the environment.