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Our Expertise

For over 20 years, our specialist consultants have worked successfully within the education sector, working with major UK universities, colleges and other education providers, to develop a wide range of solutions to meet a variety of needs.

Work has ranged from the successful transformation of the wayfinding strategies of entire university campuses, to the production of wayfinding guidelines for their management and control.

Our experience across the entire education sector offers us a unique insight into your world. It means we not only understand your problems, but we know exactly how to identify the causes and structure the best solution.

Understanding the Challenges

Universities and colleges are by their very nature, often extremely complex environments, which are further complicated by the diverse nature of their operations and the user groups who visit.

Evolution within the sector has seen education providers’ move more closely to the markets they serve, with organisations reaching out to the commercial world through strategic partnerships, sponsorship and collaborations. As such, education campuses now include conference and exhibition space, dedicated business parks and a wealth of sporting, cultural and commercial activities. For this reason, exceptional wayfinding is essential for them to work effectively, so must be a fundamental part of their communications strategy.

As wayfinders, our task is to answer the operational demands, whilst creating a stimulating environment, offering the perfect balance of development, opportunity and care. Our experience has proved that focussing on the individual is the only way to achieve both. For it is only when the user’s needs are met can they reach their objectives and the operation work effectively.

The image you project must show your organisation in the most positive light possible; care must be taken to introduce the correct brand elements into the wayfinding solution in the right place at the right time, so they connect all aspects of the organisation in a cohesive and intuitive way.

We know that change is constant and inevitable. We know departments merge, relocate and change their names on a regular basis and we know the potentially damaging impact it can have if not handled correctly. We also know how to deliver solutions designed to accommodate change, with minimum of both impact and  cost.

Providing the solution

The key to exceptional wayfinding lies in understanding how the environment is perceived and how we as human beings relate to it. This begins with the unique way we structure our analysis.

The primary factor in delivering a successful wayfinding strategy for any University or college is to recognise the importance of the many cognitive processes controlling the way we think, behave and ultimately navigate; and then to harness them to best effect. 

The user must never be over-burdened, or unduly challenged. Information must be broken down into manageable amounts and displayed in a manner that is clear and consistent. 

Not only must the user be able to reach their primary objective with ease, but they must be given a structure which allows them to orientate themselves effectively through buildings and across the site, so they can move effortlessly from any given point to another.   

The information displayed throughout must conform to a strictly controlled information hierarchy and its placement never subjective. Environmental constraints must never be allowed to control the information, 

As wayfinding consultants, we know there is no better way to build a positive brand image than to deliver a positive experience; Wayfinder Associates understand all Educational environments and our specialist knowledge and techniques allow us to deliver solutions capable of overcoming these challenges to ensure success long into the future.


Some of the Universities and Colleges our consultants have worked with in the UK

University of Manchester                              
 University of Sheffield
Arts University College Bournemouth
University of Bradford
Catmose Campus (Rutland)                         
New City College (London)                           
Stevensons College  (Coalville)  
Sunderland College  
Heriot Watt University (Edinburgh)