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Our Expertise

Our specialist consultants have worked successfully with a number of local authorities, to develop a wide range of solutions to meet a variety of needs.

Work has ranged from the successful transformation of the wayfinding strategies for all the public buildings within a busy civic centre, to the production of wayfinding guidelines for their management and control.

Our experience across the public and local government sector includes local government, civic, cultural, sports and entertainment venues and has provided us with a unique insight into your world. It means we not only understand your problems, but we know exactly how to identify the causes and structure the best solution.

Understanding the Challenges

Public and civic buildings are by their very nature often complex environments, which are further complicated by the diverse nature of their operations and the people who use them.

Public buildings are often hugely different in character, ranging from dark Victorian grandeur to light and modern, with the services they provide not always represented by the architecture. For this reason, exceptional wayfinding is not only essential for these facilities to work effectively but also to explain and promote themselves correctly. As such good wayfinding must be a fundamental part of their communications strategies.

As wayfinders, our task is to answer the operational demands, while creating a stimulating environment, offering the perfect balance of satisfaction, opportunity and care. Our experience has proved that focussing on the individual is the only way to achieve both. For it is only when the user’s needs are met can they reach their objectives and the operation work effectively.

In many cases the individuals who use these facilities are the products of differing backgrounds and different cultures and as such see the world in completely different ways. We also understand their needs are varied and often bring with them extreme personal challenges. This perception of what they will encounter will control their thinking even before they arrive on site and can cause them to become confused when situations are not as they expect.

Providing the solution

At Wayfinder Associates we aim to deliver legible inclusive environments and believe passionately that if a user needs help, no matter what it is, it should be provided as part of a single solution designed all and not as an add on or addition that risks to marginalise or disempower.

The key to delivering a successful wayfinding strategy for any place or space is to recognise the importance of the many cognitive processes controlling the way we think, behave and ultimately navigate; and then to harness them to best effect.

The user must never be over-burdened, or unduly challenged. Information must be broken down into manageable amounts and displayed in a manner that is clear and consistent.

Not only must the user be able to reach their primary objective with ease, but they must be given a structure which allows them to orientate themselves effectively through buildings and if necessary across site, so they can move effortlessly from any given point to another.

At Wayfinder Associates we understand your environments and our specialist knowledge and techniques allow us to deliver solutions capable of overcoming these challenges, to ensure success long into the future.

Personalised functionality

Extra features can be included on the app to satisfy individual needs

In addition to the core functionality, our solution allows for a number of different elements to be included on the app to satisfy individual need, providing opportunities no matter the environment.

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