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For over 20 years, our specialist consultants have worked successfully with a wide range of clients to provide wayfinding solutions within the sectors of culture, entertainment and sport.

Our work has ranged from the successful transformation of wayfinding strategies for existing venues, to the concept, planning, and delivery of those for….” new built locations, along with the production of wayfinding guidelines for their management and control.

Our experience across the sector including a range of single and multifaceted venues catering for the arts, sport and entertainment has provided us with a unique insight into your world. It means we not only understand your problems, but we know exactly how to identify the causes and structure the best solution.

Understanding the Challenges

Such venues are by their very nature often large and complex environments, further complicated by the nature of their operations and the volume of infrequent users.

When using such venues, many users will have similar objectives that vary only slightly, therefore the information needed to explain difference may be more difficult to impart. For this reason, exceptional wayfinding is not only essential for such facilities to work effectively but also to explain and promote themselves correctly. As such good wayfinding must be a fundamental part of their communications strategies.

As Wayfinding specialists we know one of the most important aims of any wayfinding strategy is to promote positive brand image. We understand that brand image extends well beyond your logo and corporate colour pallet and is affected by every aspect of your operation.

We understand how the user’s perception of what they will encounter will control their thinking even before they arrive on site and why it will cause them to become confused when situations are not as they expect. We understand the importance of social norms and why simple things like the identification of levels can have a profound effect on a person’s ability to navigate.

Change is constant and inevitable, areas are redeveloped, attractions change and concessions alter on a regular basis and we know the potentially damaging impact this can have if not handled correctly. When change is needed we know how to deliver solutions that are able to accommodate it without compromise, with the minimum of impact and at the minimum of cost.

Providing the solution

The key to exceptional wayfinding lies in understanding how the environment is perceived and how we as human beings relate to it. This begins with the unique way we structure our analysis.

For many these facilities are a cause for excitement, while for others an opportunity for relaxation. Some arrive with friends or family while others will be looking to meet. These and countless other considerations give rise to a challenging set of circumstances. However, the common factor is that each and every one must visit for the very first time. For this reason, we must focus on understanding the site through the eyes of the first-time user.

The key to delivering a successful wayfinding strategy for any place or space is to recognise the importance of the many cognitive processes controlling the way we think, behave and ultimately navigate; and then to harness them to best effect.

Every element of the visitors thinking and every part of their journey should appear intuitive. From the forward journey planning information provided on the ticket, invitation or website, to how the directional information is structured and prompts displayed on site, all elements must link seamlessly together.

As wayfinding consultants, we know there is no better way to build a positive brand image than to deliver a positive experience. If the user is able to reach their required destinations and realise their objectives easily and in a relaxed manner they are more likely to enjoy what they came to experience.

At Wayfinder Associates we understand your environments and our specialist knowledge and techniques allow us to deliver solutions capable of overcoming these challenges, to ensure success long into the future.

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