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For over 20 years, our specialist consultants have worked successfully within the business sector helping major UK and international organisations to improve their brand image and get the most from the locations they manage.

Work has ranged from developing major wayfinding and branding strategies for large commercial hubs containing office space, commercial and retail operations, to large manufacturing and distribution campuses.

Our consultants have worked for organisations responsible for many of the UK’s landmark buildings and institutions, including Lloyds of London and The National Conference Centre in Birmingham.

Our experience across the entire corporate sector offers us a unique insight into your world. It means we not only understand your problems, but we know exactly how to identify the causes and structure the best solution.

Understanding the Challenges

The commercial sector is the most diverse arena our consultants operate in. Some operations exist primarily as a place of work, often secure locations where visitors are always accompanied whilst on site. Many require little by way of signage to help people navigate.

For these clients visible and effective branding is their primary focus.  However as wayfinders, we can still offer much to benefit their commercial objectives. Often working alongside their own designers, we use our expertise in brand placement to enhance their brand led solutions by developing VIP routes and other initiatives designed to shape the perception of those who visit.

Aided by the development of technology and evolution within the commercial sector other businesses have become more open and diverse as they move more closely to the markets they serve, developing strategic partnerships and new ways of working. 

As such places of work can now include education and resource centres, conference, and exhibition space. Dedicated business parks have evolved to link business with other sectors and multi-use space must appear personal, yet change with ease.

On the one hand businesses today are more visible than ever to the outside world, yet on the other they must fight to be seen and recognised form the competition keener than ever to project their own image forward at the expense of others. 

Not only is there a need to provide good direction but to control the way businesses are seen and understood within the wider community.  For this reason, exceptional wayfinding is not only essential for them to work effectively, but also to promote themselves correctly, so must be a fundamental part of their communications strategy. 

As wayfinders, our task is to answer the operational demands, while creating a stimulating environment, offering the perfect balance of vision, enterprise, opportunity and success. Our experience has proved that focussing on the individual is the only way to achieve both. For it is only when the user’s needs are met can they reach their objectives and the operation work most effectively.  

As commercial wayfinding specialists we know commercial success is underpinned by substance, value trust and we know one of the most significant drivers of this is a positive brand image. We understand that brand image extends well beyond your logo and corporate colour pallet and is affected by every aspect of your operation.

We know for the image you project to show your organisation in the most positive light, care must be taken to introduce the correct brand elements into the wayfinding solution in the right place at the right time, so they connect all aspects of the organisation in a cohesive and intuitive way.

We understand how a user’s perception of what they will encounter will control the way they think about an organisation even before they arrive on site and why it will cause them to become confused when situations are not as they expect.

We know that change is constant and inevitable. We know departments merge, relocate and change their names on a regular basis and we know the potentially damaging impact it can have, if not handled correctly. We also know how to deliver solutions designed to accommodate change, with minimum of impact and at the minimum of cost. 

Providing the solution

As wayfinders, our goal is to help our clients meet their commercial objectives by answering the needs of its visitors. The key to exceptional wayfinding lies in understanding how the environment is perceived and how we as human beings relate to it. This begins with the unique way we structure our analysis. 

People visit and interact with businesses and commercial operations for a wide range of reasons and the user groups are very diverse. For many it is a regular place of work, while for others an opportunity for advancement or to find an answer. Many may be visiting for a short time or others for just an hour. This gives rise to a challenging set of circumstances. However, the common factor is that each and every one has to visit for the very first time and first impressions last.

For this reason we must focus on understanding the site through the eyes of the first time user. To do this we must not allow ourselves to be compromised by experience, the very thing that makes it impossible for the organisation itself to achieve what we are able to do.

Essentially, we look to place the user on rails, so every element of their thinking and every part of their journey appears intuitive and consistent. From the forward journey planning information provided in an emailed invitation, contained within marketing materials or on the website, to how the information is structured and displayed on site, all elements must link seamlessly together.

The user must never be over-burdened, or unduly challenged. Information must be broken down into manageable amounts and displayed in a manner that is clear and consistent.

As wayfinding consultants we know there is no better way to build a positive brand image than to deliver a positive experience. If the visitor is able to reach their required destinations and realise their objectives easily and in a relaxed manner this will reflect well. Not only helping to bring about a successful meeting but ensuring they take away a positive memory of their visit when they leave.     

At Wayfinder Associates we understand commercial environments because we understand the people who use them. Our specialist knowledge and techniques allow us to deliver solutions capable of overcoming any challenge to ensure success long into the future.

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