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Following the strategic takeover of a specialist supply chain provider to the restaurant industry, Martin Brower were looking to maximise their corporate image through effective branding while ensuring safe and efficient site operations.


Operating out of 4 key locations Martin Brower are responsible for the storage and distribution elements of the UK supply chain for one of the worlds largest restaurant chains.

Through their experience in co-ordinating the specialist just-in-time movement and handling of fresh, chilled and frozen goods, Martin Brower understood how a single weakness in any element of their operation could be potentially damaging.

Therefore when it came to rebranding their locations they understood they needed to do more than change the existing signs. They also recognised that good wayfinding was  key to ensuring safe and smooth operations.

Developing The Solution

When it comes to delivering the most effective strategy “The least signs are the best solution”. Over burdening users with too much information is often the cause of confusion and can result in the most important details being missed. This was a crucial factor for Martin Brower, as site safety was their prime concern through every step of the process.

Working with stakeholder groups, we worked to understand each site and how they were required to operate. Our analysis identified many potential issues, including bottle necks, possible delay points and revealed the level of flexibility needed. We then used this information to plan the solution.

The strategy we delivered was built on a clear information hierarchy designed to explain each individual site, providing clear direction and supporting effective orientation. Important analysis revealed the full complexity of potential user flows, which allowed us to provide information exactly where needed as part of a site-wide signage strategy. We used effective brand placement to reinforce corporate message and maximise brand image so those travelling between sites experienced a seemless transition.

Proving our Value

We are proud of our capabilities to provided a one-stop shop for all our clients and for Martin Brower this was particularly relevant as our detailed understanding of the legislative requirements relating to the use and placement of health and safety signage proved a significant advantage. Through our knowledge we were able to integrate brand and safety elements in a single holistic approach.

Through the introduction of an effective strategy which controlled and managed the timely delivery of information we were able to reduce the volume of information required on site, while the design elements ensured maximum visibility and understanding for all messages. As a result Martin Brower were able to install a corporate quality sign system at each site  while remaining within budget. This served to elivate their brand image in a way that exceeded expectations.

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