Wayfinding and Brand Implementation

Why are Wayfinder Associates your perfect wayfinding and brand Implementation partner?

An organisation may be looking to implement a new brand for many reasons.

Opening a brand new location or looking to refresh an existing site. Whatever your reason, often the space may not be straightforward and you may require more than just a sign over the entrance or at the front gate. If you need to consider how your visitors will navigate your site and the information you must provide for them to achieve it, then our specialist skills can help you realise the very best from your brand.

As a successful business, you will have defined your mission, vision and values and considered your market and the customers you are looking to attract.  Once all this has been agreed you will have harnessed the best creative talent you can to interpret your needs and create your brand identity. This will include a logo, and corporate standards relating to font and colour pallet; in fact everything needed to deliver a strong and memorable corporate identity.

However, the strength of your image is defined not by the excellence of your logo but by how it is used to create exactly the right public perception as to quality of the products or services you offer. This is exactly the point at which Wayfinder Associates are best placed to help. Once you have your brand and visual identity it is time for the specialist brand designer to hand over what they have created  to the people who can use it to achieve the best possible brand image. After all a racing team would not ask the person who designed the car to drive it around the track!

Why we are the right people to help

Our core objectives as Wayfinding experts are.

  • To facilitate the most effective movement of people around any place or space.
  • To make sure users do not miss out on valuable experience.
  • To make sure visitors take away the best possible memory of their visit when they leave.
  • To achieve the above while maximising our clients commercial objectives.   

In meeting these objectives we use a blend of specialist skills and experience along with a thorough understanding of Human behaviour to deliver brand defining wayfinding solutions that work by understanding the processes used in human navigation and harnessing them to best effect. 

Crucially, we understand how these important processes control the information we take in, how we process it and how we interpret it to make decisions. We also understand how failure to reach what we set out to find, or the stress we experience as a result can deeply affects our perception of a place,  no matter how attractive the signs appear.  The more complex the space the greater the chance of confusion and the more likelihood of a bad experience.

If a user manages to achieve all they set out to do, with no difficulty and in good time, they will see the organisation in a positive light. This is why, as wayfinders we are so important to successful brand implementation.

Our expertise does not stop at delivering a successful wayfinding strategy, or at specifying the right information in the right way at the right time. When working with the signage manufacturer our specialist product knowledge is instrumental in defining the makeup of the solution. Our understanding of what is possible and what performs best are key to defining the best materials.

Under the direction of our consultants, our specialist wayfinding designers know exactly how to breathe life into the strategy.  Working in line with your branding standards, they craft the format, so the signs on which it appears reflect the brand values in a pleasing way, without compromising the message.

Developing technology that serves a purpose.

At Wayfinder Associates, we approach technology from a different direction and our primary concern is the benefit it will deliver to our client.

There are many important factors to consider before a decision is made. As wayfinding consultants, we are here to help you with that decision and advise you on the direction to take for the greatest benefit.